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Hello, my tired soul.   I know life has been kicking your ass lately. You tried to get up from rocks that scarred your knees but you felt another blow from nowhere. Oh, my little one, you are already numb and accustomed to pain.  You won’t even notice the new wounds because they all feel Read More

How do I Begin Again?

Typing and writing in this blank blog post have been foreign and surely not a usual night for me. My priorities of chasing financial ideals have somehow taken most of my time last year and early of this year but then, I started watching uplifting and creativity booster videos again. Though my devotional and my Read More

Life isn't supposed to be perfect..

Laugh, Love and Live

  Life isn’t supposed to be perfect. The drama will always be there, antagonist, protagonist, and climax. But how else should we live? Two options: A) Be a grouchy person who hates blueberry cheesecake B) Be a blessing who loves blueberry cheesecake Well, of course, we can’t always be B and maybe, 50 percent of Read More

Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

I always delight beginnings. A new job. A new year. Starting a new blog. But then as you slowly passed through the days on the calendar, the fire you had when you were just creating your bucket list or year goals start to fade away and the list overwhelmed you like it defines what you Read More

Day 24 of my Writing Journey

Day 23 of my Writing Journey

It’s 23rd of January and surprise, I’m still writing. Not on a daily basis but yes, I’m still writing. It never gets off my mind since the year started and since I wrote it down to my bucket list. I never fail to write on my journal on a weekly basis. Though it’s just like a Read More

My Highest Calling: To Write

My Highest Calling: To Write

It’s 2019. This year only mean two things to me; I have been procrastinating for more than five years and waiting myself to be ready for writing. On the positive note, I am more serious on hitting my target this year. And if punching the keys won’t be enough then let me do more than Read More