Hello, my tired soul.   I know life has been kicking your ass lately. You tried to get up from rocks that scarred your knees but you felt another blow from nowhere. Oh, my little one, you are already numb and accustomed to pain.  You won’t even notice the new wounds because they all feel Read More

Written Art

In the chase of wealth and earthly things, have I lost the gift of rhymes and of words that sing. A board full of my todo list, they seemed never-ending. Write a book! Every January says my bucket list.   Have I been sleeping on my dreams or are they just changing?   In a practical Read More

How do I Begin Again?

Typing and writing in this blank blog post have been foreign and surely not a usual night for me. My priorities of chasing financial ideals have somehow taken most of my time last year and early of this year but then, I started watching uplifting and creativity booster videos again. Though my devotional and my Read More

Love in the Writer’s Eyes

I could only wish to have a love story like Pride and Prejudice or have someone like Ted Mosby get me a million-dollar instead of a blue french horn. But these perfectly written fictions were also based on false hope because there is never a single flawless love story. All of which was a mere Read More

Kenyama Beach Resort_Guimaras_Guisi Lighthouse

A Peaceful Saturday at Kenyama Beach Resort

In a month full of stressful events, chaos, and hectic work schedule, we all deserve a breather.  A little time we owe to ourselves to reflect and recharge. A day away from your to-do list and computer desk. Believe me, you’ll come back as strong and as productive as you are during your first day at Read More

Glory's cafe iloilo

Our Newest Tambayan in Iloilo: Glory’s Cafe!

Today, was a change in my routine because I have to go out and meet friends to plan a birthday party. As an online home-based worker, I don’t go out that much but when I do, I feel like I’m a stranger to my own city. Lol New stores and cafes here and there. And Read More

Life isn't supposed to be perfect..

Laugh, Love and Live

  Life isn’t supposed to be perfect. The drama will always be there, antagonist, protagonist, and climax. But how else should we live? Two options: A) Be a grouchy person who hates blueberry cheesecake B) Be a blessing who loves blueberry cheesecake Well, of course, we can’t always be B and maybe, 50 percent of Read More



  She opened the fridge. He looked at her and his eyes spoke rage more than words. Oblivious of the matter, she walked and sat down on the couch. There were hidden sparks of joy at the corner of her lips as she takes a sip of water from the glass. She has been controlling Read More

The Ceiling

The Ceiling

Ceiling.  A blank page. A chaotic house with parents near to divorce. And here’s me, lying on my bed. My muffin top settled comfortably in the hard mattress.  I’m contemplating if I should work today or not or what would be a better excuse to send to my Boss’ email. I was looking for answers Read More

Lolo Tonying

Lolo Tonying

  Many times, I’ve walked and passed. Always wondering how are you these past few days. Yet I never asked. You sit there in silence and your mouth made a slight twist as we exchange smiles. I’ve heard, you were ill.   Like a brown leaf that has blown away by a gush of wind. You Read More

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